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M/s SVSLS Engineering Private Limited. Provides the following services:-

Traffic Surveys

  • Potable ATCC, Video and Manual.
  • Traffic data collection from videos with VTCC (Video based Traffic Counter & Classifier).
  • Spot vehicle speed testing surveys on Highway.
  • Intersection Turning Movement Count (TMC).
  • Multi-Level Car parking.
  • Non National Permit (NNP).
  • Pedestrian.
  • Road Side Interview, Origin – Destination (O-D) and other travel related Information.
  • Seasonal variation.
  • Speed & Delay.
  • Vehicle registration in the Project Implementation Area (PIA).
  • Other secondary data collection on Highways.




About VTCC (Video Traffic Counter & Classifier) Application

VTCC (Video Traffic Counter & Classifier) is a technology that helps in collecting useful traffic data from videos. VTCC provides accurate traffic data. It is a good solution for all traffic survey and data collection needs. This application saves time and effort. It provides fast and automatic processing of Video. We can do Traffic Video recording, Processing and Data generation.

  1. Provides rich and accurate information such as vehicle types.
  2. It is very useful more than the Manual Traffic Count and Removes the errors in traffic data collection and analysis.
  3. 99.9% accuracy traffic data can be achieved.
  4. Verification easy in video processing time and checking very easy for already processed data.
  5. Output files Images, Excel Sheet and Subtitles files.
  6. Cost, Time and Accuracy data for Highway Infrastructure Development Companies, City Planners and Traffic Consultants in India. 

Rehabilitation & Resettlement Surveys

Household Interview:

The census and inventory of assets can be done separately. Since both the census and inventory require visits to all affected households, it generally is more efficient to do them together. In settings where it is difficult to establish ownership or length of residency, however, the census should be done as soon as possible to establish a cut-off date for eligibility for entitlements. In such situations, it may be advisable to supplement the census immediately with a partial inventory, sufficient to establish the number and general size of structures. Precise attributes of structures and a general inventory of remaining fixed assets acquired or affected can be determined later.



Socio-Economic Survey

If a complete land acquisition assessment (as outlined above) is undertaken, it will provide some preliminary information about socioeconomic impacts of the project. Additional socioeconomic analysis may be necessary, however to minimize displacement, to design appropriate and acceptable rehabilitation measures and to enlist the active participation and cooperation of project-affected people. This analysis is especially important if no entitlement policies are already in place, if particular groups (e.g., the poor, indigenous peoples, women) are likely to be vulnerable to severe risk or hardship, if whole communities are going to be displaced or if "host communities" are going to be adversely affected by a sudden population influx.



Data entry services

Data Entry Work




SVSLS Engineering Pvt Ltd Planning for Drone Surveying on Highways.

About Land and Highway Surveying by Drone Technology.

Benefits for land surveys:

  • It is undeniable that drones are indeed among the most important technological equipment
    used in surveying. Below are some more details as to how they can transform and improve it.
  • It makes possible the creation of high-definition and highly accurate maps.
  • It makes possible to reach difficult locations.
  • Using drones are safer in particular situations.
  • Drones can gather various types of data; for instance, photos and videos.
  • The gathered information is instantly uploaded to a server.
  • Once uploaded, the information can be accessed by any authorized individual wherever they are.





Benefits for Highway surveys

  • It will show the road bounders,
  • Road aliment and dividers.
  • Road defect detection (Potholes Cracks and Damages).
  • Road both side structures (Houses and Company’s).
  • Electric power transmission lines.
  • It will show service roads and divisions
  • It will help to modified 2D & 3D road maps.
  • Improving the data resolution and therefore the quality of the survey.









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